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Here at OMNIA, we have a philosophy – a mindset that has served us very well over the years. The big idea is simply that as a business we create in order to do things better and smarter. In practical terms, this means that we have managed to bring together a group of highly talented people who are able to develop ideas and solutions for our clients that really are something different. It means that we will always take an approach that goes against the tide – that is non-traditional and that the people we work with won’t find anywhere else.

That – I believe – really is something special, and it has helped OMNIA to stand out in a crowded and competitive marketplace over the years.

Investment in people

I think that the best way to understand exactly how we do this is to look more closely at the philosophy that drives us here at OMNIA. Anyone who knows me and who has worked with me over the years won’t be surprised to hear that the thing that is absolutely fundamental to the success of our approach is our continual investment in people. This, for me, is central to our strategy as a business, because our success – based on our ability to deliver innovative financial solutions for clients – comes down to the ability of those people within our team to be creative and innovative.

The secret to making sure that they are able to do this, I believe, lies in our focus as an organisation on the individual. It might seem counter-intuitive to say this – after all, we’re a team, and a highly successful one at that, that wouldn’t have achieved the things we have if we hadn’t worked together. That much is clear – but I really do think that we can succeed only by empowering individual talents within our teams, by giving them each the confidence to be creative, and then the tools and processes to support them in making these ideas a reality for our clients.

Focus on the individual

So, as a business, we focus on investing in the individual – and this approach means doing that in every aspect of our operations. And of course beyond that investment in our own employees, we also invest in our partners, and in our extensive network of experts who we enjoy working with. We put a huge amount of effort into making sure that all of these people in their dealings with us will feel that they’re being treated fairly, openly and with respect. As with so many things in life, it’s all about trust.

Growing our brand

And of course this approach – this investment in people – extends even further, to our clients and to their relationship with our brand. As we are all ambassadors for the OMNIA brand, I’m always really keen to make sure that we all also act as growth marketers for that brand. By this I mean that each and every one of us is trying to engage our clients with our brand in new and innovative ways, through whatever channels are available.

But again the key here is that growing our brand reputation in this way – by putting our innovative solutions right at the heart of our relationships with our clients – can only be achieved if we’ve made the right kind of investment in people in the first place.

Together, we’re all striving to do better, for our clients of course, but also for ourselves. We can only do that by creating an environment where individuals feel that they have the trust of the wider organisation and of our network of clients. When this happens, I really do believe that the possibilities are truly endless.

– Daniel Hansen, OMNIA Global

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