It has been a while since I provided my views on the market from both an entrepreneur and investor perspective. Post-Covid, the media have continued to ramp up their efforts and apply an anxiety-inducing doom and gloom lens on almost everything. A budding entrepreneur wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that now is the worst time to launch their idea or product and grow it. Current entrepreneurs wouldn’t be blamed for deciding to hold on diversification and/or growth of their business into new regions. However, 2023 is presenting a lot more opportunity than many of us had anticipated. During a recent podcast episode as part of our Dot Connectors podcast series, I outlined the following:

  • In volatile times you end up creating the best companies
  • From an investor perspective, you are buying at the bottom of the market right now (which is a great thing)
  • Whilst it sounds obvious, the perspective on whether or not now is a good time for investors varies globally. The media can take a collective view, and this isn’t representative of per country or per region
  • In the Middle East in particular, right now feels like it is full of opportunity because of liquidity coming into the energy sector
  • The sectors and geographies that excite me right now are anything energy-related – especially energy systems and founders who can execute their vision. Also, the private aviation sector and the entertainment sector. The latter is presenting a lot of opportunity right now as consumers demand continuous new content
  • There are many areas that, on paper, present a good opportunity, but for me the opportunity must be something that is reflective of where the world is and what the world likes right now in order to succeed
  • I believe that investors and entrepreneurs need to prepare for more short-term opportunities right now whilst the world is more volatile
  • We cannot ignore the R word – recession, which feels a little different to other recessions. 2023 will be a tough year for real estate developers and will get worse during the Summer and towards the end of the year due to a large volume of variable loans maturing. So this process will naturally present opportunity.

Hyper scaling businesses is my passion. I make it easier for an entrepreneur to scale faster and go public sooner as a means of growing their business and not just exiting it. I also get the entrepreneurs that I work with direct access to capital markets, which allows them to leverage the various tools on offer and grow their business. An entrepreneur runs a company differently if they are in it for the long-term and this is what investors need.

I like to work with entrepreneurs that have the ability and mindset to be able to hyperscale, but also the product or service that is easier to scale. One that the world needs and there is a uniqueness to it, which means it will be loved by both retail and institutional investors. Finally, the reason why I feel OMNIA Global is unique is down to the simple fact that we know what we are good at and what we are not good at. We stick to our lane so to speak and excel in the areas we enjoy and know well.

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