On 1 September, we launched our very own podcast series “The Dot Connectors”. Our goal is to create a podcast series that provides insight into some of the world’s most creative founders and entrepreneurs and the journey they have been on; navigating the conservative world of funding, investment vehicles and going public. In some episodes, I will join our guests – in others, we will let our guests do all the talking.

We will also talk to subject matter experts about financial engineering and how to connect the dots between the financial world and business development.

It’s been a fun process creating this podcast series. I’m aware that podcasting is a hyped media at the moment (feels like everybody has their own podcast!), but I must admit that this media is right up my alley – both as listener and contributor. I’m much more comfortable with a set of headphones and a microphone than with a camera in my face, and it’s no secret that one of the things I do really well is talking! And with my new equipment, I can easily turn my office into a recording studio and talk with our guests from all over the world.

Finally, we definitely see an audience for this kind of topic; talking about all aspects of entrepreneurial life with people who are entrepreneurs to the bone.

So, the first episode is an interview with – me, Daniel Hansen! In our launch episode we talk about my journey leading up to the formation of OMNIA Global and what makes the company unique in the marketplace. I also provide insight and advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business – from securing funding to the importance of looking after your mental health and lots more.

For our second episode, which launches 29 September, we talk to Wolfgang Krohn, the CEO & Founder of Ventum Dynamics – the developers of the Ventum wind turbine.

You can access “The Dot Connectors” via the major platforms – iTunes (for Apple users) and Spotify (for Android users). You can also access each episode via our website.

I hope you’ll enjoy listening to “The Dot Connectors”. Feel free to share your inputs in the comments section below.

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