A portrait of Daniel Hansen


Daniel Hansen is entrepreneur to the bone and has been founding businesses since the age of 16, where he founded his first company. He walked through the tech industry with his companies until he established OMNIA Global an entrepreneurial and non-conservative family office specialising in alternatives, private to public investments with use of innovative finance and leverage within structured finance.

Being an entrepreneur through and through, Daniel knows the entrepreneurial mindset, what matters to entrepreneurs and not the least, the challenges they face. Therefore, focus is on entrepreneurs with the right mindset and passion when expanding his network through the work he does with OMNIA. OMNIA Global was born out of Daniel’s spirit to create and expand value through exciting projects and companies together with like-minded people. The essence is to have fun and to make the impossible possible.

There are many ways to build a business and create a company culture. For Daniel Hansen, the philosophy is to create the unique that changes how things are done for the better and greater – not the least while enjoying the journey. Daniel believes that in order to create something unique, you have to connect the existing dots in new ways, whether that may be on an atomic level or businesses working together in new ways.


Changing how work is perceived and how value is created are important factors for Daniel through OMNIA Global. Daniel believes that life can be lived in coexistence with work in a symbiosis as one and the same. In Daniel’s own words, life is simply too short to go to work, pay bills and die. At OMNIA, Daniel seeks for everyone to achieve their personal nirvana, which indeed creates a snowball effect of best-of-breed followers wanting to be part of OMNIA’s journey ending in self-sustaining success.

Nothing gets Daniel Hansen up in the morning like knowing that OMNIA Global is in a position to truly do things better and work on projects, which change and improve the lives of the people he works with. Creating a footprint in the world that the company and its employees can be proud of while having fun doing it is his main motivation.

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