OMNIA Global is an untraditional family office with an entrepreneurial mindset

– a family of creative minds and free thinkers focusing on alternatives, private to public investments with use of innovative finance and leverage within structured finance.

OMNIA Global was established in Zug, Switzerland in 2009 by Danish entrepreneur, Daniel Hansen with an urge to offer something new to likeminded entrepreneurs in a world of world of pre-packaged investments, where clients and projects are seen as just a number. It is the OMNIA philosophy to do things differently – they create unique financial solutions to complex challenges, take on convention to discover smarter answers and believe that true partnership and network create success.

OMNIA Global is a company established by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, which focuses on companies that are ready to grow, and that are seeking a unique investor with an entrepreneurial mindset like themselves.

OMNIA provides structured finance solutions to both SMEs and entrepreneurs within all sectors. The available funding instruments make it possible for our portfolio companies and partnerships to increase liquidity and finance projects.

Through OMNIA’s extensive experience as entrepreneurs, the OMNIA team understands the many struggles and obstacles of the life of entrepreneurs, and they are also able to identify the endless number of possibilities, which many traditional banks do not see. This makes OMNIA a strong partner for its projects and portfolio companies.

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