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I’ve always moved fast. It’s the way I like to do business too – I’m always interested in being actively engaged, whether it’s with other people, or new areas of opportunity. I’m outward-looking in my approach – I like to look at a potential opportunity with a specific goal in mind, and quickly assess my next move. It’s the way I’ve always been, and it’s an approach that has served me well over the years.

This kind of mindset has informed my approach to where I put my money too. I’ve always preferred an active approach to investing – looking for opportunities to beat the benchmark on a particular investment, and always hunting for those opportunities that I think will outperform the index it’s a part of. And I’m really excited with a product that we’ve recently developed here at OMNIA, that reflects this kind of approach – one that looks for investment opportunities in lean, fast-moving enterprises in particular.

A new investment model

We launched the OMNIA Corporate Bond back in 2017, and since then it has shown how its unique model can really deliver great performance for investors. Here’s how it works, and how it’s a little different to some of the more passive financial products out there.

Right at the heart of the OMNIA Corporate Bond is something that is hugely important to me – culture and people. I’ve always been keener to work with the people who interest me rather than in any particular business – and this investment bond is in a sense based on that principle. It’s a five-year asset-backed bond that will pay 7.25 per cent gross interest every year over five years, with investors’ capital returned in full on maturity – but the key is the kind of businesses we invest that money into.

Finding the right opportunities

The right business model and the right culture is essential – with this bond I’m looking to invest in small to medium-sized companies in the kind of fast-moving sectors that really appeal to me – tech, entertainment and fashion. They are industries that excite me, but they’re also the industries that I know best, and which suit this more proactive and dynamic kind of investment.

I’ve also put a lot of time and energy into identifying the right companies who can benefit the most from the kind of investment generated by the OMNIA Corporate Bond – companies like branding agency Gravity Global, or VoyageAir that delivers innovative instant airchraft charter. These are companies that are booming – growing rapidly and sustainably in sectors that are also growing – and each company is currently growing by at least 20 per cent every year.

The chance to make a difference

This kind of investment is exactly the kind of opportunity I have always loved. It is a chance to invest money in places where it can have a direct and dramatic impact – it represents a real and very tangible opportunity to grow businesses that I care about – while at the same time delivering great results for investors. And I also believe that it is unique as a model – a way of investing that is very different from the more traditional private equity funds that are available.

It’s ultimately a great expression of the way I like to do business – an approach that puts people and relationships right at the heart of the strategy – and that looks to actively engage with others to create a mutually beneficial solution. It’s about thinking creatively, looking beyond the traditional investment products and sectors, and identifying those areas where we can make a difference – just like I always have done.

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