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You don’t need me to tell you that there is something truly magical about Hollywood – it’s a place where dreams are made – and often broken – very quickly. And of course this is one of the things that I love about the place – the entertainment industry suits my fast-paced way of working, as ideas are pitched and rejected, relationships start and blossom, and ideas flourish in an atmosphere of almost total creative freedom.

People power

This aspect of working with my business partners in Hollywood is what gets me excited – the chance to meet people, to hear their ideas, and to help them to make their dreams a reality. I really do think that there is no other place on Earth where this happens so naturally – a new business venture and an exciting creative journey can start anywhere, from a chance meeting in a coffee shop to a morning jog or a chat with your cab driver.

Finding connections in Hollywood

It’s also a place that suits another aspect of the way I love to work – feeding the desire I have to seek out synergies between the solutions I can offer and the opportunities I see in the companies I’m thinking about working with. Hollywood is packed with so many different kinds of people – professionals in a huge and diverse range of disciplines – and looking for ways to bring these talents together to create new innovative solutions is something that really inspires me.

A huge range of opportunities

Whether it’s the expertise we have at OMNIA Entertainment in terms of our experience in celebrity endorsement, or the know-how we can employ to deliver innovative alternative financial solutions for our partners in the entertainment industry, the opportunities we find every day for working with incredible people are endless.

A new partnership

I was thinking recently of a great new relationship that I’m really excited to be involved in. Alice Wang – Director and Chairman at Datang International Entertainment – and her team are at the forefront of a new wave of Chinese investors looking for fresh ways of working with established partners in the American entertainment industry. Alice is a director who has recently finished six films and Datang – who are based in Taiwan – are serious players in the industry. As a business they are involved in everything from the production of feature films through to producing and distributing movies and TV dramas, as well as a broad range of artist management services. It’s a great fit with what we do here at OMNIA Entertainment, and when we met at the Oscars (where else!) in early 2016 it really felt like a match made in heaven.

Mutually beneficial

So why does the partnership with Datang International Entertainment work so well, and offer both sides so many opportunities? Well, for Datang the partnership is a great way in to the American entertainment market, creating a new path for Chinese investors to put their money behind the artists, film producers and projects they really believe in.

And for me, I see the partnership as the beginning of a really exciting journey for all sides. They’re a great group of people to work with – I was hugely impressed by their energy and their creativity – and the chance to bring that set of skills and expertise to bear in the American market was just too exciting to resist.

– Daniel Hansen, OMNIA Global

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