There are a couple of things that really drive me – the urge to be creative and to develop, and also the desire to do this with other people. That ongoing search for collaboration and innovation is something very human I think – but at the same time it’s not just about finding people who think the same as I do. Rather, it’s all about finding those synergies, those magical combinations of talents that can create new and innovative solutions for the people I work with.

Partnership then is a fundamental part of the way I do business. While I’m pretty confident of my own abilities, I’m never afraid – or too proud – to listen to and learn from others. It’s something I learned early on and I truly believe I’ve become a better businessman – and maybe even human being – because of this approach.

Make it your own

It’s one of the most rewarding and exciting aspects of being a successful entrepreneur: having the opportunity to embed your own ideas and ways of working into the businesses you invest in. I don’t believe that there is any point in going into business if you’re not prepared to leave your mark. So, because of this, I’m really proud to have been able to bring this idea of partnership and collaboration between people alive through my business interests – not just informally in terms of my own personal ways of working, but also through more formal arrangements such as OMNIA’s Partner Programme.

The OMNIA Partner Programme

The OMNIA Partner Programme is our way of reaching out to the very best talents out there and asking them to join us. Not as employees, or customers or clients, but as formal partners. The arrangement brings their businesses under the umbrella of the OMNIA global brand, but the level of collaboration is completely up to them. It means that we’re always on the look out for talented financial advisers, consultants, brokers, lawyers or auditors who we believe could bring something to OMNIA in terms of their specialist know-how and networks – and who in turn could benefit hugely from being a part of a powerful, dynamic global brand.

People, not businesses

Once again, this all comes down to my strong belief that it is always better to do business with people rather than companies. That’s why from the outset anyone taking part in the OMNIA Partner Programme will come in and sit down for a chat with us, face to face – it’s a chance for both sides to find out more about each other and to see how any prospective partnership might work. It’s at this point – right at the beginning – that the depth and extent of collaboration is agreed to. Everyone gets the opportunity to talk about how far they’re prepared to go, and what they would like to achieve from working together.

Creative entrepreneurs

For me, the success of these Partner Programme relationships really comes down to mindset. Just as we do with our wider recruitment policy, in our Partners we look for people who are creative and who are entrepreneurial – two qualities that are not always found together. But these are just the kind of people who I have always enjoyed working with – they are the people who will challenge me, who will think differently to me, and who are never satisfied with standing still, either personally or in terms of their business approach.

The start of a journey

And, yes, of course, it’s a partnership at the end of the day. I believe that OMNIA, as an exciting and dynamic global brand, can bring huge benefits to other people’s businesses if the fit is right. We’ve grown and become so successful because of the passion and talents of our people, and it really excites me personally to be able to give other people the benefit of some of that.

I really love those first meetings with prospective Partners, because anything and everything is possible – it’s a chance to get to know each other, to push each other and to see how far we can all go on our new journey together.

– Daniel Hansen, OMNIA Global

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